Dandelion clocks

What a difference a day makes

The first working day back after a bank holiday was, as ever, slightly confusing. Is it Monday? Is it Tuesday? Can I go back to bed? Where are my shoes? Why are you in my house?! Anyway, at least it means one less day until the weekend. Grand! Though that also means, one day less to … Continue reading What a difference a day makes

Coat hooks, with flowers

Playing hooky

Social media has a lot to answer for... Most of the DIY projects I do involve - at some point or other - inspiration/ideas/solution finding on Pinterest, Instagram,  or YouTube. That isn't to say I find something on there and copy it - I don't have the money, materials, equipment or talent for that! It … Continue reading Playing hooky

Lure of the sea

Get wet

Being an island in the north Atlantic Ocean,  it's not surprising that us Brits have an affinity with the water. But growing up in the Pennines, about 40 miles as the crow flies from the nearest bit of coast and 70 miles from the mandatory seaside trip to Whitby, there wasn't a great deal of … Continue reading Get wet